Take Action

Wondering what you can do to take action? Follow our step-by-step employer toolkit to promote equal pay in your workplace, or check out our employee tips to fight for the pay you deserve. 

Employer Toolkit

EqualPayMA’s Employer Toolkit (pdf) is a best practices guide on how to identify, understand, and promote equal pay in the workplace. It includes easy and innovative solutions to help employers in Massachusetts close the gender wage gap. You can download the toolkit (pdf) to learn how to promote equal pay and get specific suggestions on how to do it. 

Promote Equal Pay Within Your Current Workforce 

  • Perform an internal equal pay audit and correct discrepancies. 
  • Establish systems to maintain equal pay. 
  • Create a gender-neutral workplace culture. 
  • Educate employees about their rights and responsibilities. 
  • Invest in your current talent. 

Ensure Equal Pay for Your Incoming Employees 

What’s in it for you? 

Need some guidance? Download our free employer toolkit today to find specific suggestions on how to implement these equal pay policies.


Tips for Employees

EqualPayMA’s Tips for Employees will guide you through the resources and tools needed to make sure you are getting the salary you deserve. 

  1. Use the Wage Gap Calculator to look up the wage gap for your occupation
  2. Use our anonymous email tool to let your employer know that equal pay is important to you and help them learn about the benefits of closing the gender wage gap. 
  3. Learn how the Equal Pay Law in Massachusetts can help you
  4. Participate in a salary negotiation workshop, either online or in-person, or become a facilitator yourself and host your own workshop. Check out our educational opportunities.
  5. Understand how wage and hours laws in Massachusetts are designed to protect you as an hourly worker
  6. Visit MyFinancialLifeMA.org  to empower yourself with financial literacy so you can make informed decisions that will lead to long-term economic stability. 
  7. Contact the Massachusetts Attorney General's Office if you have questions or concerns about enforcement and protections under the law at (617) 727-2200 or read the AGO's Equal Pay Act Guidance
  8. If you believe you are being discriminated against, and want to file a complaint and/or take action against your employer, you can file a formal complaint with the Office of the Attorney General.  
  9. Do you want to work for an employer who has already pledged to closing the gender wage gap? Check out the 100% Talent Job Board with the Boston Women’s Workforce Council which can connect you with open positions in the Greater Boston area
  10. Find company reviews and ratings, get matched to a job, advance your career, and connect with our community of women navigating the workplace on the InHerSite website